Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Prysmian: setting the standards for the XXI century

Industry 4.0 is the transformation of manufacturing brought on by automation and digitalization. Prysmian has been on the forefront of this trend from the very beginning, thus making it the ideal environment to develop an exciting engineering career.

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Prysmian Group’s Factory 4.0 initiative is about creating smart factories based on two key elements: data and human expertise. These factories transform digital processes which allow us to continually simplify and streamline production, resulting in increased cost-effectiveness that directly benefits our clients.

A "smart factory" is a place where digital systems monitor and manage physical processes, creating a virtual copy of the physical world and introducing the revolution of the Internet of Things into manufacturing. 

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Prysmian Group has developed new technologies and systems, with more than 4.000 registered patents, and enhanced its human resources, attracting the best professionals available with the challenge to achieve new, ambitious milestones.

Prysmian Group is moving towards new horizons, such as using drones for inventory management and creating partnerships to develop augmented reality applications.

We have also made great strides in finding new applications for existing technologies. “I am convinced that holograms may play a central role in the training of the in-line personnel. Our Innovation Lab will be taking a closer look this futuristic subject over the next few months” says Prysmian Group global CIO Stefano Brandinali. “We will also be exploring whether chat-bots can improve the performance of our call centers”. 

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As a 4.0 leading manufacturer, Prysmian is a stimulating environment that allows engineers to hone their existing skills, enhance their professional development, and help them reach their full potential—inside and outside of our factories

“As far as Smart Office/Working is concerned, we just moved of our entire HQ to a new venue that incorporates the most advanced eco-friendly technologies, stresses the importance of the human factor and upholds the pillars of digital transformation: paperless workplace, collaboration and team-work, and the digitalization of space and instruments.”

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In 2017, Prysmian is focusing on the development of the new MES (Manufacturing Execution System), that will be inherently “IoT compliant,” with the long-term goal of optimizing the production process and entering in the field of Big Data.

The activities of the Innovation Lab will complement those of the R&D function, with the Lab backing the digital contamination, the scouting and the startup involvement through new ways of outside-in/inside-out model of Open Innovation.

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“We founded the Innovation Lab with the goal of exploring new technological solutions to stimulate and accompany digital innovation: our main target was the generation of new ideas”


Stefano Brandinali

Global CIO Prysmian Group

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Most of participants in the first edition of Make It, our career development program dedicated to engineers with 3-7 years of experience, underline that it was a fascinating opportunity. Teresa D’Auria, an Italian Process Engineer, gained valuable skills through her participation in this program, most importantly, learning to manage contingencies. “I was pushed out of my comfort zone, learning to become adept at changing schedules and priorities quickly, all the time. These are skills that are absolutely essential in today’s working environment.”

First-class production and manufacturing systems, a future-oriented mindset, innovative processes and ambitious goals: Prysmian’s Make It program has a lot to offer engineers who looking to jump-start their careers.

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