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Marina Brandao Leoni

Process Engineer

Marina Brandao Leoni

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What do you do in Prysmian?

I’m a process engineer from Prysmian’s first Make It program. I work in the metals department for energy cables at the Sorocaba plant in Brazil. I’m involved in industrial projects and activities with the aim of achieving industrial KPIs, such as scrap reduction, production efficiency and process/quality improvement.

Please describe your first year @Prysmian Group,as part of the Make It Program?

It’s been a great and very challenging year, immersing myself in Prysmian culture and into the “Make It” Program. As a “Make It” participant I’ve felt part of a global, highly visible team from the outset. The program has been a driving force to expand my knowledge, implement changes and think outside the box. By working in a complex and dynamic plant I’ve learned a lot about process complexity, our product range, the manufacturing chain, and also the challenges of industrial strategy. Day by day I’ve been able to understand factory dynamics and the opportunities to improve.

What did you like most about the induction and on-boarding experience?

The Make It induction was an amazing experience! It was very important for amplifying our networking and stimulating the exchange of knowledge.

Last June we spent two weeks abroad, getting to know all the engineers from the Make It program and our global leaders. The first week in Milan we learned from our business leaders about Prysmian products and their applications, allowing us tounderstand the scale and complexity of our Company. We also received training from top lecturers at Bocconi Universityin supply chain and strategic planning. One highlight was the opportunity to meet our CEO when we were able to put our questions from our different country perspectives and understand his expectations for Make It. During the second week we received training in Manufacturing Fundamentals at the Prysmian Academy Centre, located in Mudanya-Turkey. We later visited the factory and were able to see in practice what we’d learned. The on-boarding was essential for our orientation within Prysmian: this involved a one- month on-the-job rotation at our local plant, meeting key people from different departments such as engineering, sales and operations. It was important to get a macro view of the business and understand how our work influences other areas.

Why do you think Prysmian chose you for this role?What are your main strengths?

The Make it program requires committed and engaged engineers, with a lot of energy to innovate and pursue changes. The program’s idea is to oxygenate the work environment with new ideas and new ways of thinking and to create a communication channel between Prysmian factories around the world. I believe that my differentiating factor was my ability to communicate, influence people and promote a team environment. Another of my strengths is proactivity:I’m a very hands-on person and always strive for effective solutions.

Why would you recommend the Make it Program to a young engineer?

Because it’s a unique opportunity to get into a manufacturing career and develop yourself. You will challenge yourself every day, you will build up your network and you will learn from a very skilled mentor. If you have energy, willingness to change and want to make a difference, this is the best way to start.

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