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Cristina Nedelcu

Maintenance Engineer at the new Fibre Optic Plant in Slatina, Romania

Cristina Nedelcu

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What do you do in Prysmian?

I am a Maintenance Engineer at the new Fibre Optic Plant in Slatina, Romania. My job is to assure implementation of the equipment installation plan according to Prysmian quality standards and to target optimum performance.

Please describe your first year @Prysmian Group, as part of the Make It Program

The Make It Program offered me the chance to apply for this position at the end of 2015. I hadone week of training in Milan, at the global Headquarters, and one week of training in Mudanya, at the Manufacturing Academy. Back at the local facility I was assigned to a two-month-on-boarding program, which, together with the earlier induction courses, allowed me to gain a better understanding of what Prysmian represents. At the time, Prysmian was expanding its site in Slatina with a brand new plantand a large number of installations and initialization of new processing equipment.  That’s when I embarked on a fantastic professional journey. On top of this, a clear and tight deadline before the inauguration made my first year in Prysmian both challenging and rewarding.

What did you like most about the Induction and on-boarding experience?

The Headquarters HR team supported me and the other Make It colleagues right from the start. These two specific programsgave me exposure not just to the local team but to the entire Group. I discovered the operations and the business from the insideand I met highly experienced professionals as well as colleagues taking the same path as mine.

Why do you think Prysmian chose you for this role? What are your main strengths?

Prysmian was looking for passionate engineers.  That is the most important ingredient in my career. For Prysmian it was also important to have strong professional skills: I am highly committed to my job, always targeting performance with a quality, cost and timing orientation. Being a hands-on engineer helps me understand root causes and implement fast solutions.

Why would you recommend the Make It Program to a young engineer?

It’s important for young engineers to consolidate their professional identity. The Make It program offers them just such an opportunity. They are able to take the first steps inside a huge community and get to be introduced to the vision and mission of the world’s leading cable manufacturer.

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