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Cem Basar

Industrial Director

Cem Basar

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Cem Basar joined Prysmian Group in 2000 and is now Industrial Director of ASEAN. His story demonstrates the Group’s commitment to helping employees advance within the business.

When did you join the Group and what do you do in Prysmian?

I have been working in the Group since 2000. I am the Group’s Industrial Director of ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand).

What are the key features of your role?

ASEAN has great potential and could become the most solid and fast-growing Prysmian Region.

The focus of our approach is to aim for regional growth through a series of niche opportunities.

With regional growth the target, my role is to prepare operations to be much more dynamic and effective; to simplify operational processes; to focus on an industrial strategy that must shift from an “output chase” approach to one that “maximises efficiencies, profits and output”; to dispense with non- efficient activities and improve efficiencies.

How has your career developed?

I am an Industrial Engineer: I started my career with Pirelli Cables in Turkey as a production engineer and worked in the Manufacturing, Industrial Improvement and Logistics departments. Having experience in Energy & Telecom cables operations in Turkey, I was moved to Group Supply Chain as a Telecom Logistics manager. After 2 years in HQ, I moved to Indonesia as Plant Manager for Prysmian Indonesia. Having improved operations in Indonesia with the local team, I was offered the position of worldwide Telecom Solutions Supply Chain Director for Prysmian Group. After 1 year in this job, I was offered the position of ASEAN Industrial Director.

What is the best thing about your job?

I am working in a complex region and play our business game every day in a multitude of diverse environments due to cultural and local “country specific” dynamics.

I am a results-oriented person who likes to make things happen and improve processes. I have a good set of tools to drive Operations activities and focus every single day, week and month on the macro-micro objectives that I set for my team and myself.

We need more time to focus on our strengths and be more creative in generating new opportunities and medium and long-term strategies. I’m sure that, if we believe in the initiatives taken and show discipline and proactivity in the application of the same, very soon we will be able to guarantee that change of gear and that change in performance that our Company, our Customers and especially each of us expect.

What has been your most rewarding project so far?

Seeing the results of activities and your team achieving demanding goals, even in a very difficult and complex environment. I love creating dynamism and new approaches in the team to discover opportunities and long-lasting solutions.

What recommendations would you make to young professionals?

A mixture of experience, challenge and excitement.

I love the international environment because it gives people the chance to show their ability in different situations. The experience of different cultures has always been a source of motivation for me.

Stay focused on your most important goals. Don’t work hard at being busy, but work hard at making meaningful progress towards important outcomes. This is the key to achieving great success.

Here are my recommendations for Young Professionals:

  • Time Management
  • Follow Through - when you’re given a task or make a commitment, always follow through and do so in a timely manner. This means complete tasks by the deadline, and communicate with people on a regular basis.
  • The ultimate goal cannot be obtained without doing the small tasks correctly and efficiently.
  • Keep yourself motivated, educated, and innovative. Always try to outwork the competition.
  • Don’t get complacent – Keep setting new goals! Each year make a list of goals you would like to achieve that year. Having goals motivates you to work hard and go after what you want.
  • On a day-to-day basis people face ethical dilemmas in the work place and in life. Having a strong understanding of one’s self can be developed through an understanding of ethics, morals, experience, and company codes of ethics and rules.

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