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Balog Marton

Plant Manager

Balog Marton

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Balog Marton joined Prysmian in 2011 as the Plant Manager at Balassagyarmat, where the continuous challenges mean no two days are the same.

When did you join the Group and what do you do in Prysmian?

I joined Prysmian in 2011 as Plant Manager of the Balassagyarmat plant. Prior to that I had been lucky enough to spend a number of years side by side with a really experienced Manager from whom I learnt the ins and outs of the job.

What are the key features of your role?

My main role is to organize the work of around 240 direct employees in order to maximize the efficiency of production, while continuously meeting rapidly changing customer requirements and satisfying our shareholders through the plant’s contribution to the Group’s overall results. There’s a great sense of autonomy working here: once KPIs are set, it’s largely up to us how we go about achieving them.

How have you developed in your role?

During my time working for Prysmian, I have had the opportunity to develop both my professional and personal skills. I have also been able to become familiar with the characteristics and technicalities of cable production technology, from BW to MV cables in different cross-sections. I have also had the opportunity to take part in an ‘International Leadership Course’ where I was able to further my knowledge about technical issues, as well as management, financial and strategic issues. This international course was a great opportunity for me to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, brought together by the desire to achieve the same goals – an experience that was more important for me than empirical expertise.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my daily job is the level of autonomy and the continuous challenges faced every single day. Of course we have to meet requirements, KPIs and boundary conditions but within this framework, our work can be organized as we see best fit to achieve the common goals.

What has been your most rewarding project so far?

The Balassagyarmat plant is an old production facility – more than 40 years old with old-fashioned solutions. The main challenge is to transform our antiquated mass production in a strong, modern “Lean” company leveraging on our capabilities and specific know-how in order to be ready for the challenges awaiting us in the near future.

What is the international environment like?

The Balassagyarmat plant is part of the CEE region. Every day we benefit from being part of this big marriage through intercompany and export business. It is also important that in the Hungarian domestic market our company has a very significant footprint given the current level of cable demand in many different areas of the economy.

Why would you recommend Prysmian to a young professional?

I would recommend Prysmian to a young professional not just because of its great reputation, but also because there are so many ways to become successful, while still helping the company grow. Prysmian is a dynamic, innovative and multinational company with a vast history and experience which can offer a young professional many different opportunities to grow and find personal success.

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