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Power cables for constructions & infrastructures

Power cables for constructions & infrastructures

Low-voltage cables and systems for power distribution and the wiring of non-residential and residential buildings. Where safety is a must, we specialise in flame retardant cables, low smoke and acid & corrosive gas emission as well as best-in-class fire resistant products.

Low and medium-voltage cables and systems to connect industrial and civil facilities to the primary distribution networks and utilities (such as seaports, airports, roads and railways)

The T&I product portfolio fully covers solutions for the distribution of electric power to and within residential and commercial structures. The product range encompasses rigid/flexible building wires and low-voltage cables with thermoplastic and elastomeric insulation.

Extensive research has been conducted by Prysmian Group to provide solutions, which fully meet customers’ requirements, with a strong focus on the development of competitive and reliable power distribution systems.